UQ planning group wins Myer Foundation project on placemaking

The UQ Planning group is part of the wining project PLACEMAKING SANDBOX: A collaborative and living laboratory approach to create inclusive, engaging and resilient cities awarded by the Myer Foundation.

Dr. Sébastien Darchen, Professor Neil Sipe (team leaders), Laurel Johnson, Warren Rowe and Michael Dickson (UQ Architecture) are part of the winning project “PLACEMAKING SANDBOX: A collaborative and living laboratory approach  to create inclusive, engaging and resilient cities” awarded by the Myer Foundation and led by Thrive (University of Melbourne, School of Urban Design) The project includes five universities (UMelbourne, University of Queensland, University of Adelaide, Curtin University and UTS) and has a total budget of $940 000 over 2 years.

Project description

The University of Melbourne will lead a consortium of Australian universities to devise and deliver a project that aims to combine the teaching of theory and practice of place-making and tactical urbanism. Working alongside local government and industry practitioners, the project seeks to bring together theoretical knowledge and implementation, towards creating vibrant public spaces and ultimately, better cities. In collaboration with local councils and industry representatives, we will develop a comprehensive subject or suite of modules that can be delivered to upskill students with the theory and practice of place-making. “place-making” is used to encompass “tactical urbanism” and other strategies and tactics for community-based ways of transforming public spaces.


Source: James Richards,