Confirmation seminar: Does what you know get you places? The mediating influence of social capital on transport disadvantage

Confirmation seminar by Laurel Johnson:

The relationship between transport disadvantage and social disadvantage has been the subject of much research activity in recent years. The relationship between them is clear, though it is complex. Social capital theory and particularly the role of social capital as a mediating factor in the relationship is an emergent theoretical interest in this research field. This PhD research is a unique opportunity for a longitudinal case study investigation into the role of social capital in the relationship between social disadvantage and transport disadvantage.

The researcher will return to the site of participatory transport research conducted over 10 years ago. The social disadvantage in the case study community appears to have worsened despite some transport infrastructure and transport service investments. What is happening in this location that social disadvantage and transport disadvantage appear to be entrenched and can social capital theory and the experience of social capital in this place help to resolve this relationship?


Date: Friday 1st September 2017

Time: 1:00

Location: Planning Studio, Room 314, Steele Building

Advisory Team: Neil Sipe