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Urban Planning Meme Challenge

Memes are tacky, and vulgar, and a cheap laugh. Honestly… they are amazing! Which is why I was disappointed to find so few Urban Planning memes on the web. There were these…

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And that was it. Just 5.

Did all that planning kill our humorous side? Or are we too good for memes?

Then I thought, I could actually get more views in one day for a meme, than I have citations for my only paper!. How’s that for impact? Memes aren’t notable for their depth, but that can only get better with time. So, shall we?

I propose a meme challenge. To you. The reader. Send me an Urban Planning meme, and I’ll post it here -provided it’s not terribly offensive. By the end of the month, I’ll submit the lot to a reputable judging panel and get us a winner.

How do you get a meme done?

  1. Search the web for a blank popular meme image (by googling ‘blank popular meme image’).
  2. Add your 2 cents worth of text (using the font ‘Impact’ in high caps)
  3. Send it through to me via email (in signature below). Please specify if you wish it to remain anonymous.

Entries close at the end of the month (July 2017 that is). There is no prize, just glory.

To be fair, I am risking my own reputation first by submitting my own lot as well. Comment if you wish but be nice, I put my soul in them. Looking forward to laughing at your memes. Cheers!

My memes:







Amanda Cooke:

Doge Planning Meme.jpg

Posted by Isabel Ceron, PhD Student,