U.Q. Researcher presenting Co-housing at community festival

Earthsong stitched rectangle

Earthsong Ecovillage N.Z. (image courtesy Helen McNeil)

Passionate University of Queensland researcher Jason Hilder will share a presentation about Co-housing as part of the Sustainable Living Workshop Programme at the Winter Solstice Festival at Northey Street in Brisbane’s Inner North on 17th June.

Co-housing is a modern style of communal living that has been shown to be more affordable, social connected and have a lighter ecological footprint than other types of housing in today’s Australian housing landscape. They are generating a lot of interest and exist in other Australian capital cities yet surprisingly missed in South East Queensland.  By telling the story of what defines co-housing and sharing insights from research of the communal living movement in Australia, Jason provides answers to the question ‘What would it take to bring Co-housing to life in Brisbane?’

To find out about this talk and other interesting workshops check out the Sustainable Living Programme.

There will also be a range of exciting family events, music and other great sessions at this community event.

Crowd at Northey St Festival Performances at Northey st Festival